Your Start 2 Run app and treadmill

The Start 2 Run treadmill leads to easier workouts. It will automatically adapt your speed, completely in line with the training you have chosen in the Start 2 Run app.

After the countdown, the treadmill starts and systematically accelerates to your set running speed. Time for a walk or slower pace? The treadmill automatically slows down to your set speed.

This makes training on the treadmill super-efficient: you run at the right speed at the right time.

You can set your running speed via Settings in the app.

Set your personal walking and jogging speed. The app will suggest a running speed per training zone that fits you. You can adjust these speeds whenever you want.

Choose “Indoor” and start your training.

The app will automatically try to connect to your Start 2 Run treadmill.

Get ready when your coach counts down to the start of your workout.

The treadmill will automatically and gradually adjust the speed according to your training zones.

If the connection between the treadmill and the app is lost, both the training in the app and the treadmill will be stopped.

Your personal running speeds

For the ‘Start 2 Run’ 5km beginner schedule

  • Walking: keep a solid pace.
  • Jogging: a speed that you can maintain without any problems for 2 to 3 minutes.

For the other schedules:

  • Recovery: slow speed where your heart rate drops. Possibly a walking pace.
  • Extensive: a speed that you can easily maintain for a very long time. You can speak out loud in sentences.
  • Intensive: a speed that you can maintain for a maximum of half an hour. You can still talk, but not in full sentences.
  • Interval: a speed that you could maintain for a maximum of 10 minutes. Talking becomes difficult and hinders your breath.
  • Resistance: as fast as you can at that moment. Your speed slows down with your effort as time goes on.

Curious about your personal training zones?

As a starting runner you can follow our guidelines in the Start 2 Run app. An exercise test is very relevant for those who can easily run for 30 minutes. Through an exercise test at Energy Lab, your personal heart rate and speed zones are mapped so that you know the perfect running speed to make progress as efficiently as possible and to protect you from injuries.

Order your Start 2 Run treadmill

The Start 2 Run treadmill is available through FitnessKing and is suitable for novice and advanced runners. The treadmill has a wide running surface and can handle speeds of up to 16 km / h. You can fold and move the treadmill easily and quickly.

Order your Start 2 Run treadmill

The Start 2 Run treadmill is available in our webshop.

Working out safely

The Start 2 Run app and treadmill are in contact during your workout. When you stop the treadmill, your training will also automatically stop in the app. Also vice versa, your treadmill stops automatically when you stop your training in the app.

Does your smartphone lose connection with the treadmill for a longer period of time? Then we will also stop the training for safety reasons.

You can still operate the treadmill yourself while running. So, if you notice that the speed is a bit too high, feel free to slow down the treadmill. The app will follow.

After running with the Start 2 Run treadmill, a summary of your training is saved. This means that the treadmill keeps track of your average speed (running and walking together) and the distance ran.

The Start 2 Run treadmill is available in Belgium and the Netherlands.